Mission: Charlottesville Youth Lacrosse To provide Central Virginia youth the opportunity to develop their knowledge and love of lacrosse in an organized, respectful, and fun environment that honors the game. Goals: To provide the youth of Central
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2016 Tournament Rules

  • U9 - Boys
  • U11 - Boys
  • 2023 - Boys
  • U13 - Boys
  • U15 - Boys


  • Participants may play "up" in age division but may not play in two divisions.
  • Participants may not compete for more than one team.

Rules of Play

  • All U9, U11, 2023,  U13, and U15 games will be played in accordance with US Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules unless modified below:
  • Games will consist of two 24 minute running halves with a four minute halftime.
  • Each team will receive one 45 second timeout per game.  After 45 seconds, teams will be whistled back onto the field.  If a team does not return in a prompt manner, they will either lose possession of the ball or be assessed a delay of game penalty.
  • All penalties are start stop time and will be kept on the field by the bench side official.
  • Game Ties will be broken by a four minute sudden death period of play.  During pool play only one sudden death will take place.
  • U-9 & U-11 will not play with advancement rules.  4 second crease rule remains in effect for all levels.
  • 2023, U13 & U15 The final Two Minute Stalling Rule shall be enforced.
  • U9 & U11 the final Two Minute Stalling Rule shall be waived.
  • Decisions on the field will be the final ruling.  No disputes will be heard after the game.
  • Any Coach or Player ejected from the game will not be allowed to participate in the following scheduled game for their team.
  • NRHS stick regulations will be used.  (see U9 and U11 notes below)
  • U11: The length of the crosse for the field players may be 37 to 42 inches or 47 to 54 (long crosse for purposes of NFHS RULE 2 SECTION 1 ARTICLE 2).  Many coaches find that the use of a 37 to 42 inch crosse is best for players' defensive development in the U11 Division.
  • U9: The length of all crosses for all field players shall be 37 to 42 inches.
  • There will be no stick checks unless requested by the opposing coach.  If the stick is deemed illegal the appropriate penalty will be assessed.
  • Legal pushed and holds are allowed.
  • In all loose ball situations players should "play the ball", but incidental contact, "boxing out", or screening techniques during such play shall not be considered a violation of this rule.

Tie Breaker for Championship seeding

  1. overall wins
  2. head to head play
  3. lowest points scored against
  4. total point differential
  5. coin toss